About Kolapata

Kolapata is a Bangladeshi restaurant. The brand name kolapata reflects its uniqueness. Started its journey from 2003 and situated at white chapel which is the center point of London surrounding Royal London hospital, royal post office, white chapel tube station.

From the establishment of Kolapata the main cause to appeal customer’s attention are the taste of food, style of serving and hospitality.

Real flavor of Bangladeshi food you can enjoy only at Kolapata. From the beginning our intension was to serve real Bangladeshi food to the huge Bengali and Indian community live in London, along with that introducing our Bengali culture to them from the new perspective.

The stories of our attainment was published in London Times several whiles. We are acknowledged by distinct inspiration from the people of all levels live in London through participating at any kind of Bengali occasion.
This restaurant is known as the gathering predicament for all people regardless of their class, constituency and era. Varieties of Bangladeshi foods have been taken place in our restaurant menu. Among of them Morog Polau, kacchi Biriani, Vuna Khichuri, Sorse Ilish, Goru Vuna, Chotpoti, Fuska are on the list of customer’s priority.
Customer can enjoy having food here and at the same time we take order for different event.