‘Banana Leaf’ that is Kolapata in Bengali has been the leading destination to experience Bangladeshi cuisine in London. Year 2005 to 2010 Kolapata has been established his own position in London, UK as a Bangladeshi Restaurant. Generally peoples know Indian restaurant mainly serves Indian curry & Indian food; but behind the screen the story is most of the food recipes are Bangladeshi in altered name.

Kolapata is different from other Bangladeshi and Indian restaurant, we are very proud of the quality of the dishes that we produce in our establishment. It ensures a different eating experience than is found in other Indian or Bangladeshi restaurant in these modern times.

Habitually we (Kolapata) play a part enormous cultural activity in the Bangladeshi & Indian Bengali community in Great Britain and Kolapata is more than happy to join the social activities around the local.


"The most sophisticated new wave of Bangladeshi Restaurant"... Time Out London


"We offer quality family food at a really good price and once you're in, you're in. And you've got the opportunity to try as many different food types as you like"... Bipu.